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Domestic travel within Cape Verde is available by plane or by ferry. However, both flights and ferries on some routes do not operate every day.


Most islands have an airport served by scheduled flights, with the exception of Santo Antão and Brava. Binter CV operate all internal flights, but you can also book internal CV flights through the main Binter Canarias site. The Binter CV site is in Portuguese. The advantage of this is the site is in Spanish, English and French. The website links to these airlines is given below. These internal flights do not operate every day on all routes. Some routes, however, have more than one flight a day. Flight times are subject to change on occasion, so it is sensible to check with Binter CV. The Nelson Mandela International Airport in Praia is a hub airport for internal flights.


The main ferry routes are Praia (Santiago) to Vila do Maio (Maio); Mindelo (São Vicente) to Porto Novo (Santo Antão); and Mindelo (São Vicente) to São Nicolau. They are serviced by CV Fast Ferry, Armas & Polar Lda. The ferry services are subject to change and so the information given here is a guide, and you should check with the relevant companies to check that the routes are still operated. Some ferry journeys can now be booked online at

CV Fast Ferry

The CV Fast Ferry operates between Praia (Santiago), Brava and Fogo and also between São Vicente and São Nicolau. For more information please see below.

Polar Lda

Polar Lda operates between Praia (Santiago) to Vila do Maio (Maio); Mindelo (São Vicente) to Porto Novo (Santo Antão). and Mindelo (São Vicente) to São Nicolau. The website for the fast ferry is below. Polar Lda have an office at Rua Andrade Corvo nr 6, Plateau, Praia, Santiago. Please contact us for the managers phone and email address


Armas operates a ferry service between São Vicente and Santo Antão. For more information please see below.


Information on the various ports in Cape Verde can be found here. The port in Vila do Maio (Porto Inglês) on the island of Maio is due to be enlarged and improved to include roll-on-roll-off facilities.