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Cape Verde Travel – This section of the website provides information on travel to these beautiful and little known islands. It also covers travel between the islands and other information such as visa requirements. Visitors to Cape Verde will find some islands easier to visit than others. They will benefit from making that extra effort to visit those remote islands that are a little more difficult. Cape Verde travel is improving all the time and is now more reliable than it was.

Cape Verde Travel – International

Visitors can fly to Cape Verde from many European cities, together with the USA, Brazil and the African mainland. The islands are located off the coast of Senegal and are easily reached from Europe. Flights from Europe are as little as six hours and even more flights from Europe are being introduced. Visitors from Europe can be on some of the best beaches in the world the same day.

Cape Verde has four international airports – Sal, Santiago (Praia), Boa Vista and São Vicente. Amílcar Cabral International Airport on the island of Sal is probably the busiest of these. This airport is having increasing numbers of flights from and to Europe. The Cesária Évora International Airport on São Vicente is the quietest of the four.

The capital city of Cape Verde is Praia. There are regular flights to the Nelson Mandela International Airport from Lisbon, Casablanca, Dakar, Fortaleza, Bissau and Ponta Delgada. Praia is on the largest of the islands, Santiago. The capital is also a hub for travel within the Cape Verde archipelago. The city provides internal flight connections to the other airports within Cape Verde. In addition there are ferry connections to some of the islands.

Cape Verde Travel – Domestic

Internal flights connect seven of the nine Cape Verde islands, with Santo Antão and Brava being the exceptions. Some islands have several flights a day whilst others don’t have daily flights. Binter CV ( operate all internal flights, but you can also book CV flights through the main Binter Canarias site ( The advantage of this is that the site is in Spanish, English and French

Cape Verde Travel – Ferries

Ferry services also operate between some islands. This is in fact the only way to get to Santo Antão and Brava. Some islands such as Maio have both ferry and internal flights.

Cape Verde Travel – Visa requirements 

Visitors to Cape Verde must purchase a visa to enter the country. Prior to travelling, visitors can purchase this from the consulate in the visitor’s home country. However, visas can also be purchased on arrival, and this is the cheaper option. Some travel companies and airlines include a visa as part of their ticket.

Cape Verde Travel – Tourist Tax

The Cape Verde Government has introduced a Tourist Tax, which is applicable to all visitors over the age of 16 and for stays up to 10 days.

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