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The Daily Telegraph rates Cape Verde.

Once again The Daily Telegraph has featured Cape Verde in its Travel Destinations. This is a second feature in three months on this country from one of the UK’s leading newspapers. It is an indication of the growing importance of Cape Verde as a holiday destination.

The article describes Cape Verde as ‘a year-round sun spot with alluring beaches, volcanic hiking routes, and a lively music scene, not to mention direct flights from the UK at under six hours, and no [significant] time difference – so no jet lag to contend with.’

Online searches increased

The amount of online searching for Cape Verde is showing significant increase. One organisation – Global Travel Search – lists in order the destinations that have the greatest increase in searches over the past 12 years. It states that Cape Verde has shown the largest increase, at 3000% since 2004. In 2017 this small country came second only to Barcelona

Whilst the searches online have increased dramatically, not all searches automatically turn into visits. Tourism to the archipelago is, however, on the increase. In 2016 this small African country welcomed 644,000 tourists, an increase of 13.6% on 2015.

Henry Morley, Founder of True Luxury Travel, says: “A key reason for the increase in search volume for Cape Verde is due to much greater accessibility to the islands.

“Recent years have seen greater availability of direct flights from the UK, which will have brought the country to the forefront of people’s minds as a potential holiday destination.”

The Daily Telegraph’s travel writer Rachel Cranshaw, visited the island of Sal in 2017. She expects its popularity will continue to increase. She writes “Its main selling points are that it’s a six-hour direct flight from the UK, with little or no time difference, and better guaranteed year-round sunshine than the Canaries,” she notes. “But it’s much cheaper – and closer than the Caribbean.”

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Cape Verde receives more tourists in 2017 – Cape Verde Holidays

Cape Verde receives more tourists – Once again tourism increased during the first six months of 2017. 7.9% more registered guests visited the country and overnight stays increased by 9.8%

These figures come from a recent statement by the National Statistics Institute. 348,600 guests spent a total of 2.2m overnight stays on Cape Verde. In the second three months, the number of registered guests was 153,500 with 988,100 overnight stays – 15.9% and 13.7% respectively.

From these statistics, it was established that hotels were the most popular choice for Cape Verde tourists, so hotels accounted for 87.5% of the total, with bed & breakfast establishments next with 3.9%, inns 3.2% and tourist resorts 2.7%.

Furthermore, of all the islands Sal continued to be the most popular for Cape Verde tourists, attracting almost half (45.7%). Boa Vista came second with 32.2% and Santiago third with 10.4%. The UK continued to be the origin of most of the visitors (27.1%). Portugal was next (11.4%) followed by Germany (9.9%) and The Netherlands with 8.3%, and visitors from the UK stayed the longest.

Travel to Cape Verde

It is possible to fly to the four international airports in Cape Verde from many European cities, together with Brazil and mainland Africa. The four International Airports are Amílcar Cabral, Sal; Nelson Mandela, Praia on Santiago; Aristides Pereira, Boa Vista; and Cesária Évora, São Vicente. From any of these airports you can get to the other islands by using internal flights operated by Binter CV. In addition, there are ferries operating between some of the islands. Ferry is the only way to get to Santo Antão and Brava islands.

As Cape Verde becomes more popular as a tourist destination, more flights are becoming available from Europe. It is possible to find yourself on some of the best beaches in the world the same day.

On arrival at any of the Cape Verde international airports it is necessary to purchase a Visa which costs €25 and lasts one month. However, some airlines include the visa in their price, so it is wise to check with the airline. If you need to purchase a visa then you must join the visa queue when you arrive, not the queue for passports. If passport control cannot find you on their list, you would then have to pay the €25, but keep the receipt and reclaim the money when you leave Cape Verde.

Travel Within Cape Verde

Travel between the islands is possible by plane or boat, but the boats and the planes do not operate every day on some routes. You can travel to all islands by plane, with the exception of Santo Antão and Brava. Internal flights being operated by Binter CV Ferries operate between Praia (Santiago) and Maio; also São Vicente and Santo Antão; between São Vicente and São Nicolau; and between Praia (Santiago), Fogo and Brava. Ferry routes are sometimes liable to change, so it is always best to check with the operators – Polar Lda and CV Fast ferry