santo antao coastline

Photo of the week – Santo Antão coast

The island of Santo Antão is mountainous, and is popular for walking and hiking. However, the coastline is also very attractive and perhaps does not feature in publicity as much as it should. Attractive villages, small harbours and rocky outcrops are some of the features.

sao vicente ferry to santo antao

Photo of the week – Coast of São Vicente

This picture was taken early morning from the ferry from São Vicente to Santo Antão. The coastline of São Vicente is dramatic with a mixture of beaches and cliffs, together with small islets off the coast. The ferry leaves from the port of Mindelo and takes about an hour to Port Novo.


cova santo antao

Photo of the week – Volcano Crater, Santo Antão

The spectacular scenery on Santo Antão culminates in the crater of the volcano – Cova. Here there is usually cloud, which swirls over the rim of the crater. The crater floor is good for agriculture as it is protected from the winds and has the cloud which brings some moisture.

Santo Antao Mountains

Photo of the week – mountains of Santo Antão

The scenery on the island of Santo Antão is spectacular. Shear cliffs of rock, volcano craters,  lush greenery and misty clouds swirling around the mountain tops. The island has a lot to offer walkers and hikers, but there is also a lot to be seen from a car.

Santo Antao near Cova

Photo of the week – Green hills of Santo Antão,

Photo of the week – this picture is taken near Cova on the island of Santo Antão. Many visitors to Cape Verde see wide open spaces and lots of sand, but not all of the islands are like that. Santo Antão is mountainous and often green, especially after the rainy season (September).


Santo Antao, children

Photo of the week – Santo Antão, Childhood fun

Photo of the week – children in Cape Verde have fun, even though many of them don’t have the toys and games that many children have. They are friendly and outgoing  and seem to enjoy life.

Santo Antao Flooding

Repairs to rain damage in Santo Antão

The Cape Verde government has identified that €750m is needed to repair the damage caused to roads, water supplies, power supplies, houses and farms on Santo Antão. The island suffered from unusually heavy rains between 12 and 20 September, resulting in major damage to infrastructure including washing away whole sections of roads.