Main street in Santa Maria, Sal

New paving to the main street in Santa Maria, Sal

Work to re-pave the main street in Santa Maria on the island of Sal is now underway. When work is complete the new paving will be a great improvement and it is understood that the street will become a pedestrian zone. The new paving includes symbols associated with the island, such as turtles and sailing boats. This also enables bars and restaurants in the street to have more tables and chairs outside adding to the lively scene in the town.

Tall ship in Santa Maria, Sal

Tall ship moored off Santa Maria, Sal

This beautiful boat has been moored here for a few days. It adds interest to the lovely beach in Santa Maria on the island of Sal, Cape Verde.

Water sports at Santa Maria, Sal, Cape Verde

Water sports in Cape Verde

Cape Verde is an ideal holiday destination if you enjoy beaches and water sports. Surfing, wind surfing, kite surfing and jet skiing are all popular activities to enjoy in Cape Verde. In this picture the paddle boarder is on the Santa Maria beach, on Sal island, which is one of the best in Cape Verde.

santa maria beach sal

Santa Maria beach – one of the finest

Santa Maria beach on the island of Sal is considered to be one of the finest beaches anywhere. The white sand beach is some 8km in length and lapped by the azure waters of the Atlantic. Water sports of all kinds can be enjoyed there. These include kite surfing, wind surfing, board surfing, swimming, diving and jet skiing. The town of Santa Maria offers a variety of restaurants, bars and nightlife. Tours of the island can be arranged or can be undertaken by car or quad bike. Sal is only 6 hours by plane from much of Europe. It makes an ideal holiday destination for those who love the beach, but want something a little more also.



santa maria main beach sal

Photo of the week – Santa Maria beach, Sal island

The lovely beach in Santa Maria on Sal is a great attraction. There are bars and cafes on or close to the beach, but there are also long expanses of beach that are almost deserted. If you walk to the west you will find sand dunes, including one very large one. 

sal jet skis

Photo of the week – Jet skis on Sal Island

Water sports play a big part in Cape Verde, which is not surprising for a country comprising 10 islands. Kite surfing, wind surfing, swimming, diving, snorkeling and jet skiing are among the activities on offer. Here on the beautiful beach of Santa Maria the equipment you need can be hired including jet skis and surf boards.

Cheryl A Place in the sun

A Place in the Sun Cape Verde

This Channel 4 programme was aired on Monday 6 February. The programme featured Santa Maria and the island of Sal, but in particular Tropical Resort. If you want to find the programme go to the ‘All4’ app and search for ‘A Place in the Sun’ and select ‘A Place in the Sun 2016 & 2017’ and you will find it. More information on the programme is available here:

carnival mindelo 2017

Carnival Time in Cape Verde


In common with many countries, this week has seen carnival take place; in the UK we only eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday! In other countries is it party time. The largest celebration in Cape Verde is in Mindelo on the island of São Vicente. However, others take place around the islands including Sal, where there are celebrations in both Espargos and Santa Maria. At the weekend a procession started in Santa Maria at about 1am on Sunday with crowds of dancing people following a mobile disco. This processions ended up at Club 1 with a party that went on into the early hours.

santa maria boats

It’s a super day in Cape Verde!

Today the weather is currently sunny and 26ºC! As this time of year the weather in Cape Verde in January is likely to be the coolest that you will experience. Having said that, the temperatures will still be very pleasant reaching up to 28ºC with an average of about 24ºC. The rainfall will be low, if any, but it can be a windy month. The visitor could expect to see sun for an average of 6 hours each day. The temperature at night can be under 20ºC. The sea temperature averages around 23ºC.

So, escape the cold, grey, gloomy days in Europe and bathe in glorious sunshine in Cape Verde.

Cheryl A Place in the sun

TV’s ‘A Place in the Sun’ in Sal

The Channel 4 TV programme ‘A Place in the Sun’ has been filming in Sal, Cape Verde and presenter Jasmine Harman interviewed Cheryl Thomas from Expats Cape Verde (, whose home is in Santa Maria on the island of Sal.