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TUI flight offers for December 2018

TUI/Thomson have good flight offers for December 2018.

TUI flights December 2018

TUI flights December 2018


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TUI flights November 2018

TUI flights November 2018

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Sunset over Brava from Fogo

Sunset over Brava island

This picture was taken on the island of Fogo, and shows the sunset over Brava, the neighbouring island. Both Fogo and Brava are well worth a visit. On Fogo, there is the fascinating caldera, which has a landscape that could be on some remote planet. Brava has a lovely coastline especially at Faja d’Agua. It is easy to travel between the two islands using the regular ferry service. Fogo is a 30 minute flight from Praia, the capital of Cape Verde.

Bitxe Rotxa beach Maio, Cape Verde

Beaches on Maio in Cape Verde

The beaches on the quiet, often overlooked island of Maio in Cape Verde are lovely and often almost deserted. This picture is of the main beach in the lovely little town of Vila do Maio (also known as Porto Inglês). The beach is known as Bitxe Rotxa and although right in the centre of the town, you will find it peaceful and quiet. On the beach is Bar Tropikal, where you can get a drink and something to eat. Maio is well worth a visit, especially if you want a quiet, holiday away from everything that makes our lives so busy.

Maze crop after rain on Santo Antão, Cape Verde

Rain welcome in Cape Verde

Rain is a scarce commodity in Cape Verde. On some of the islands it sometimes only rains one or two days in the whole year. This makes it difficult for gardeners and farmers, who need the rain to grow crops. The rainy season is normally August and September. This year there hasn’t been much rain but even the small amount that there has been has helped. Rain is welcome in Cape Verde. Here is a field of maze growing on Santo Antão, which has benefitted even from such little rain. So, after the rain, there will be food to harvest.

Water sports at Santa Maria, Sal, Cape Verde

Water sports in Cape Verde

Cape Verde is an ideal holiday destination if you enjoy beaches and water sports. Surfing, wind surfing, kite surfing and jet skiing are all popular activities to enjoy in Cape Verde. In this picture the paddle boarder is on the Santa Maria beach, on Sal island, which is one of the best in Cape Verde.

Porto Novo Santo Antão, Cape Verde

Porto Novo port study

More improvements for transportation and travel within Cape Verde are on the horizon. The government of Cape Verde has initiated a tender for a study on the port facilities at Porto Novo on the island of Santo Antão. The study will look into to the feasibility of expanding the port and improving navigation. It will also consider the costs of any works it identifies.

The port was constructed in 1962 and expanded and modernised in 2010. It can currently accommodate cruise ships of medium size. The existing terminal can accommodate up to 250,000 passengers each year. There are also two ramps for roll-on and roll-off ferries.

The authorities on Santo Antão have been asking for a further phase of expansion so that larger cruise ships are able to dock there.

Santo Ámaro Abade Church Tarrafal Cape Verde

Church in Tarrafal, Santiago island

If you are visiting the island of Santiago, or maybe just passing through waiting for connecting flights, a visit to Tarrafal on the north of the island is a must. The drive there is through some dramatic mountain scenery and the little town of Tarrafal is lovely. It has beautiful beaches and a pretty town centre. This picture is of the Santo Ámaro Abade church.

Rain cloud over Maio, Cape Verde

Much needed rain comes to Cape Verde

Much needed rain has been falling in Cape Verde. We have reports of heavy rain in Maio. This is the first in the rainy season and will be welcomed by farmers and gardeners alike. The children enjoy playing in the puddles as can be seen in this video:

Some years there can be as little as one day of rain in the year, so to have some heavy rain now is good. Whilst many of us don’t want rain, especially if we live in the northern parts of Europe, for Cape Verdeans it is a welcome event. The rainy season is very short-lived.