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Binter CV offering cheap flights within Cape Verde

If you are planning to travel within Cape Verde between 10 January and 31 March 2018, you may be able to book a flight for as little as 2000CVE (€18) plus taxes. Binter CV are offering this cheaper rate for this limited period. To take advantage of this offer this you need to book before 22 October. The Binter CV website is

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Binter CV taking over internal flights from TACV

It has been announced by the Cape Verde Economy Minster, José Gonçalves that on 1 August 2017 TACV, the Cape Verdean national airline, will cease to operate domestic flights within Cape Verde; Binter CV will be flying between all internal airports from mid-June. The Cape Verdean government has bought a 49% share in Binter CV, and these shares will eventually be available for sale.

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Binter CV cheap flights offer

If you are travelling in Cape Verde between 16 June and 31 July this year, Binter CV are offering more than 8000 tickets for domestic flights for just 1000CVE (€10), fees not included. To take advantage of this offer you need to book your tickets between 2 and 8 May. Binter CV will be serving all the islands in the Cape Verde archipelago that have airports from 16 June. For more information:

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Binter to start flights to Maio and São Nicolau

Binter CV has now announced that it will commence flights to Maio and São Nicolau in June. This will mean that from the middle of June Binter CV will be flying to all the airports within Cape Verde. This is good news and it is hoped that the schedules will be published soon and that they will not fly on the same days as the existing TACV flights.

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Is Maio next on Binter’s expansion plans?

We understand that Binter CV have been in Maio taking promotional photographs. Does this mean that they are planning to add Maio to their domestic flights within Cape Verde? We certainly hope so, as this lovely island would benefit from more flights than at present. Watch this space.

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Binter to start flying to Fogo

Binter Cabo Verde have now announced that the lastest island to be added to their flight schedules is to be Fogo. Flights between Praia and São Felipe, Fogo will commence in the middle of April. It appears that there will be flights every day of the week, except for Tuesdays. It is to be hoped that Binter CV will continue to expand its service within Cape Verde.

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Binter CV to add another island to their schedules

Airline Binter CV have announced that they will shortly be adding another of the Cape Verde islands to their schedules. They have not yet announced which island this will be, but this will be a welcome addition to the Binter CV service. Residents and visitors alike will eagerly await this new announcement. Which island will it be?

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Boa Vista added to Binter schedules

Binter CV have now added Boa Vista to their internal flights. This means that the airline now serves Praia, Sal, São Vicente and Boa Vista. At present the flights to Boa Vista are direct from Sal. It’s to be hoped that they will soon include other islands.

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Binter CV to offer snacks on internal flights?

Binter CV have been asking their followers on Facebook whether they should offer snacks on the Cape Verde internal flights. Although many are of short duration, they clearly think that there is time to offer something.