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A new hotel on the island of Sal

Holiday company, Thomas Cook is currently building two new hotels in Cape Verde, on the island of Sal. The new hotels are expected to start receiving guests in the 2017/2018 winter season. The New Horizons Resort will comprise two hotels representing two of the Thomas Cook brands; one managed by Sunprime Hotels and the other by Sunwing Hotels, which is aimed at families. The complex is expected to cost around 80m Euros and will create a total of some 600 rooms. Thomas Cook clearly believe in the future of Cape Verde as a destination as they are also considering developing in Boa Vista.

Sao Vicente Mindelo harbour

Photo of the week – São Vicente, Mindelo Harbour

Photo of the week – The island of São Vicente hosts a number of cultural events, and the capital of the island, Mindelo, is the hub for such events. This picture is of Mindelo harbour, looking towards Monte Cara (Face Mountain in English), which rises to some 489m and is 5km west of the town.

Sal jetty-jumping

Photo of the week – Sal, Santa Maria Pier

Photo of the week – jetty jumping! The sea is a big feature of island life and the kids in Santa Maria on the island of Sal, like kids everywhere, love to jump of the jetty into the sea. This seems to be an almost daily routine.

tacv plane

Extra flights between Praia and Maio in the New Year

TACV, the Cape Verdean airline is now advertising Wednesday flights between Praia and Maio starting on 11 January. This will be a very welcome addition to the flight schedules, as currently there are only flights on this route on Mondays and Fridays, which limits the possibilities for visitors and residents.

Santiago market

Photo of the week – Santiago, Praia Market

Photo of the week – market produce! Markets are often colourful, bustling places in Cape Verde, such as this one on the island of Santiago.

Brava coast

Photo of the week – Brava Coast

Photo of the week – varied scenery and terrain is a feature of the Cape Verde islands. Some are relatively flat and desert like and others are more mountainous and lush. This picture was taken on the island of Brava, which is the smallest of the inhabited islands and the greenest.

Sotovento Boat Maio

Good news – boat back in Maio!

After several months undergoing maintenance we understand that the ‘MS Sotavento’ is back serving the island of Maio. The inhabitants of Maio have been concerned over their relative isolation while the boat was out of action, as they rely on it for supplies. It is also good news for people that prefer the boat to flying. The newly maintained boat now has a different colour scheme, being white not blue!

tacv plane

Increased luggage allowance for TACV

Clearly competition for domestic Cape Verde flights from Binter CV has prompted an increase in the weight allowance for checked in luggage on domestic flights by TACV. TACV now allows 20kg., inline with Binter CV. As Binter CV are currently only flying between Praia, São Vicente and Sal, this increased allowance is good news for visitors to the other Cape Verde islands.