flower on brava

Lovely flowers on the island of Brava

Flowers and plants are in abundance on the island of Brava. This plant was photographed in Nova Sintra, the pretty main town on the island. Here visitors will find many attractive gardens and parks. The island also has a very attractive, rugged coastline and a mountainous terrain. Brava is often known as the Garden Island.

cesaria evora

Cesária Évora remembered

Cape Verdean singer Cesária Évora has been honoured especially within Cape Verde but also further afield. She was internationally famous for singing Morna, which is usually considered to be Cape Verde’s national music. Ms Évora was a recording artist and a Grammy Award winner, and was considered to have a particularly beautiful singing voice. Creole-Portuguese is the language of Cape Verde and that is the language in which Cesária sang. The language was, however, never a barrier to people from outside of the country.

Cesária Évora died in 2011, and since then a number of artists have recorded songs in tribute to her. In Cape Verde and in some countries in in Europe, such as France, roads have been named after her. Also in France, a college in Montreuil (Île de Paris) was named after her in 2014. Also a stamp was issued in remembrance of her concert at the Bataclan in 1995, combined with remembering the tragic events at that concert hall in 2015.

The Banco de Cabo Verde included Cesária Évora’s face on a new 2000 Escudo bank note in 2014. The airport on the island of Säo Vicente was renamed the Cesária Évora Airport in march 2012. There is also a stature of Évora at the entrance to the airport terminal.

The African country of Guinea-Bissau also issued stamps featuring her together with an image of her grammy award. Èvora won the Grammy for her album ‘Voz d’Amor’.

As if all that wasn’t honour enough, a sea slug found in the northeast corner of the island of Sal has been named Aegires evorae. Also a butterfly found on the island of Santo Antäo has been named Chilades evorae.

Cesária Évora can certainly be considered to have put Africa, and Cape Verde in particular, on the international musical map. These honours to her indicate the esteem in which she is held both at home and in the wider world. A big voice and a big name from a small country.

main beach maio

Beach Games on the island of Maio

If you are visiting the island of Maio this summer, you may be interested in a programme of beach games being organised by the Câmara Municipal do Maio. During July and August the local authority will be organising a series of activities including football, volleyball and swimming.

The events will commence on 16 July with a beach football tournament. These beach games have become a regular event and are intended to create a series of fun activities for the young people of Maio. It will give them something to do during the summer and at the same time help the young people develop.

The activities will take place on the main beach (Bitxe Rotxa) in Vila do Maio.

kite and sun on sal

Kite surfing on Sal island

The island of Sal is well known for kite surfing. One beach on the east of the island has been renamed Kite Beach. If staying in Santa Maria it is a nice trip by quad bike. The wind for kite surfing is best over the winter months and the weather is lovely at that time.

praia casino

Construction underway on Praia casino

Work is now in progress on the new tourist resort and casino being built in Praia on the island of Santiago. The first stage is to build a new causeway out to the island on which the complex in being constructed. The new causeway can be seen under construction in this picture. The finished project will be a 152,700m² complex including accommodation, casino, retail, restaurants, convention centre, museum and marina. The estimated cost is €250m. The project is seen as part of the Cape Verde government’s aim to increase tourism to this island state. The development is being undertaken by Macau Legend Development. The first casino to be opened in Cape Verde was in Santa Maria on the island of Sal.

sal airport improvements

Airport improvements in Cape Verde

Over the past couple of years, airport improvements have been underway on the island of Sal. The Amilcar Cabral International Airport now has new departure lounges and an attractive courtyard for departing passengers. These improvements have made the experience of flying from Sal much more pleasant. It seems that Cape Verde is investing in its transport infrastructure, with major works also underway at Praia airport. This investment helps to confirm the future of Cape Verde as major holiday destination. In addition to this building work, the operation of internal flights by Binter CV has also made travel within the country generally more reliable.

nova sintra square brava

Main square in Nova Sintra on Brava

Nova Sintra is the main town on the island of Brava. The town is about 750m above sea level and is reached by a hairpin road from the port below. The town is very attractive and the houses are neat and tidy and the gardens well tended. This picture was taken in the main square and shows the colonial nature of some of the buildings. The square is attractively laid out and landscaped. Brava is known as the garden island and it is not difficult to see why it has acquired this description.

santiago praia market stall

Market stall in Praia, Santiago

The markets in Cape Verde are colourful places. They normally have a good selection of fruit and vegetables, some of which are relatively unknown to many European visitors. The large market in Plato, the main shopping area in the centre of Praia, where this was taken, is a lively place and well worth a visit. The market stall holders are usually happy, jolly people who will be very keen to get your custom.

new maio port

The new Maio port facility

The construction of the new Maio port looks all set to proceed. It has been reported that the funding is now in place. The estimated cost of the project is €15m, together with a further €1.5m for the access road to the new port and training for young people on the island. The African Development Bank has backed the project. The president of the Bank will be in Cape Verde in July and this will coincide with the launch of the construction tender. Following technical investigations and studies, the new port will be located on the site of the existing port, close to Vila do Maio (Porto Inglês). It is understood that the ferry between Praia and Maio will be able to continue during the construction period. The new facilities should improve the experience for people traveling by ferry between Praia and the island of Maio.