Fogo Cape Verde

About Fogo

Fogo Cape Verde (Fogo is Portuguese for “fire”) is the most prominent island of the Sotavento group of Cape Verde: it rises to nearly 3,000 m above sea level at its summit, Pico do Fogo. It last erupted 2014, forming a new crater called Pico Pequeno, the “little peak”. The largest volcanic feature is a 9 km wide caldera, which has walls 1 km high. This is certainly worth a visit and the lava flow from 2014 is clearly visible within the caldera. A trek up to the top of Pico de Fogo makes for a highly memorable trip for the more energetic.

The largest city of the island, São Filipe, is located to the west of Fogo. The island is becoming progressively more popular with tourists looking for something a little out of the ordinary for their holiday. The beaches, which are black from the volcanic lava, may not be as stunning as those on other Cape Verde islands but the landscape throughout is quite spectacular.  The wine from grapes grown inside the volcano’s crater is delightful.