Brave Cape Verde

About Brava Cape Verde

Brava Cape Verde is the smallest inhabited island, but at the same time the greenest, of Cape Verde. The inhabitants escaped from the nearby larger island of Fogo in 1680. This evacuation was necessary after the Pico do Fogo volcano erupted and lava began to flow and cause widespread devastation.

The town of Vila Nova Sintra is located high on the mountain ridges of Brava, and many people think it is the most picturesque city in the Cape Verde. The sobrados (two-storied houses) with little gardens suggest that the financial conditions in the city are not quite as meagre as on some of the other islands.

Clouds form above Brava during the entire year due to the slipstream of Fogo and Monte Fontainhas (976 meters). This creates a plant-friendly climate that supports many species such as oleander, almond trees, date and coconut palms. If you like flora and fauna and are looking for a change of pace this is exactly the right place for you…



Brava is one of the few islands in the Cape Verde archipelago that does not have an airport.

Ferries operate between Brava and Santiago and Fogo as follows:

  • Brava – Praia Monday, Wednesday.
  • Fogo – Brava Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday.
  • Brava – Fogo Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday.

Cape Verde Fast Ferry operates this service and more information can be found on their website:



  • Hiking
    Brava Cape Verde is an island for relaxation and for hiking. The island has wonderful scenery to enjoy and walking is the best way to do this. Brava has a rich variety of flora and fauna. It has been called the island of flowers, because of the clouds that form over the mountain peak and bring moisture. There are soaring mountains and impressive gorges, making Brava one of Cape Verde’s most mountainous islands. Coastal walks are also dramatic and interesting. Guided walking tours are available.
  • Nova Sintra
    Visit Nova Sintra
    Nova Sintra, the largest settlement on Brava Cape Verde is in the centre of the island with a population of about 1,500. The historic centre has been nominated as a World Heritage Site, but is yet to receive this designation. It is a pleasant little town which contains a monument to Eugénio Tavares one of Cape Verde’s most famous writers. In the centre of the town there is a nicely tended park, a music pavilion and essential shops such as a pharmacy and a bank. The Catholic church was built in about 1880 and is worthy of a visit. The historic street, Rua da Cultura has a number of well cared for colonial buildings.
  • Faja d’Agua
    Visit Faja d’Agua
    The coast of Brava Cape Verde is characterised by steep, dramatic cliffs. Faja d’Agua is a pretty village located in what is probably the prettiest bay in the whole of Cape Verde. The village nestles at the foot on the mountains. The walk to this lovely village is a very impressive one, as you descend on cobble stone paths through deserted villages and lush fertile fields. In the 19th Century whalers from the USA would find shelter here and would also pick up new crew members. As a result, Brava displays slightly more American influence than any of the other islands in the archipelago.
  • nossa senhora do monte brava
    Visit Nossa Senhora do Monte
    This little village is right in the middle of the Brava Cape Verde. It is 770m above sea level and close to the island’s tallest mountain, Monte Fontainhas (976m). In the late 19th Century the village became a pilgrimage destination. Visitors should visit the pilgrimage church. There are also a few bars and shops in the main street. The village can be reached by Aluguer from Nova Sintra

Activity Providers

qualitur tours brava


Qualitur offers a high quality service with sustainable tourism, which encourages the support of ecological preservation and conservation. The team at Qualitur provide programmes and tours for visitors to Brava, in addition each one is tailored to suit the guest. The tours will show visitors the geographical features of the island including flora and fauna. Qualitur is based in Nova Sintra and places to visit include this town, considered one of the most attractive in Cape Verde. They will also take you to Furna, Fonte do Vinagre (Vinegar Fountain) and Fajã d’Agua.

In addition Qualitur is able to organise your transfers, tickets, rental of cars or bikes and various tickets and day trips.





Accommodation in Nova Sintra (double and twin rooms)

Bravatur is new accommodation and is located in Nova Sintra. The rooms have both sea and mountain views. All the rooms have cable television, air conditioning, en-suite bathroom and Wi-Fi. Reception is provided to welcome and assist guests. Guests can choose from double or twin rooms.

Bravatur will provide its guests with good service at a reasonable price. Their aim is to ensure that all their visitors enjoy their stay and leave fully satisfied with their visit.