• Movies

    We have a selection of movies taken around the Cape Verde islands. We hope they give you a flavour of this fascinating country


    The Cape Verdean people are infected with the love of music. They love to party and enjoy themselves and when there is live music in a bar or club, there will invariably be dancing

  • FOOD

    The dominant theme of food in Cape Verde is fish. Fresh fish from the sea is available all over the country. In addition visitors can enjoy a stew called Cachupa


    The islands are located in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Senegal. The islands vary considerably in character, some being relatively flat and desert and some being very mountainous

  • Weather

    The weather in Cape Verde is lovely, with little rain and the sun is almost always shining. More facts are provided on our weather page, including a month by month description

  • Environment

    Cape Verde is respectful of the environment and aims to produce all of its energy from renewables. The country is also protective of the wildlife such as the loggerhead turtles

  • Nature

    Cape Verde is rich in animals and plants. Endemic plants can be found on more inaccessible areas, and although there are land-based animals, the abundance of sea life is perhaps the greatest attraction.

  • Q & A

    We have tried to anticipate the questions you may have about this lovely country and then to provide some answers. If you have other questions, please contact us

  • Culture

    Cape Verde is a fascinating country and exhibits a mixture of African, Portuguese and Brazilian influences. This mixture of influences is found in all aspects of life in Cape Verde

  • Equality

    Cape Verde is one of the few African countries that treats people as equals. There is respect and empowerment for women and also acceptance of LGBTQ people

  • Whale Watching

    Humpback whales breed in the waters around Cape Verde. Boat trips are available from some islands to view the whales. From some places it is possible to see them from the land.

  • Turtle Watching

    Loggerhead turtles live around Cape Verde and make their nests in the sand dunes. At the right time of year you can see them making their way across the beach.

  • Offers

    From time to time we publish special offers, such as a discounted island tour or a meal in a local restaurant. There is a form to claim your offer.

  • Property

    Sometimes we hear of property for sale in which case we feature it here. We also provide a link to an estate agent in Cape Verde.

  • News letter

    Three or four times a year we distribute a newsletter to people on our mailing list. If you would like to join that list you can find details here.