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Superb weather in Cape Verde

This coming week forecasts superb weather in Cape Verde. Unbroken sunshine and daytime temperatures ranging between 26C and 28C and 17C or 18C at night are expected.

If you would like to get some sunshine with guaranteed high temperatures which not consider a last break to this lovely, diverse country. The seas will also be warm and accommodation is a little cheaper now, as we are entering the low season. Rainfall in Cape Verde is very small and does not normally occur before August. What could be better than a reasonably priced holiday and yet excellent weather?

More weather information

For more information on the weather in Cape Verde see our weather page.

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Saharan Sand over Cape Verde

In winter, winds known as the Harmatten blow west over the Sahara Desert. In the process the winds pick up sand and dust from the Sahara and blow it over the Atlantic. This year, at the end of January, NASA’s satellites picked up images of the Saharan sand over the ocean and over the Cape Verde islands.

The mountainous islands, such as Santiago, São Nicolau and Santo Antão block some of the sand. As a result there is less dust on the west side of the archipelago. The sand blows across the Atlantic to the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. The sand fertilises the sea with nutrients, which can promote the growth of plankton, but can also bring about damage to coral reefs, because of micro-organisms it contains.

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There has been rain in Cape Verde!

Unusually, there has been rain in Santo Antão, Cape Verde. The rainy season is normally August/September and rain in December is almost unheard of. Rain is such a rare event in the Cape Verde islands, this will be welcomed by residents and farmers. A summary of weather in Cape Verde is available at

When it rains (occasionally) in Cape Verde!

The rains have yet to reach Cape Verde; it has been dry for 10 months, but this is how they celebrate when the rain comes:

In August the temperature rises with a daytime high of around 29ºC and a low of around 23ºC. This is however, one of the wettest months, when there can be up to 53mm of rain, but spread over about 6 days. There can sometimes be heavy showers, but the sea is still an attraction and beautifully warm, with a temperature of around 27ºC.


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Fabulous Weather in Cape verde

Wow! It’s fabulous weather in Cape Verde today. Why not escape the dull weather in Europe and enjoy some lovely warm sunshine and warm sea water?

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It’s a super day in Cape Verde!

Today the weather is currently sunny and 26ºC! As this time of year the weather in Cape Verde in January is likely to be the coolest that you will experience. Having said that, the temperatures will still be very pleasant reaching up to 28ºC with an average of about 24ºC. The rainfall will be low, if any, but it can be a windy month. The visitor could expect to see sun for an average of 6 hours each day. The temperature at night can be under 20ºC. The sea temperature averages around 23ºC.

So, escape the cold, grey, gloomy days in Europe and bathe in glorious sunshine in Cape Verde.

Sand Storm

Recent dust storm moves away

A recent dust storm that has caused delays and cancellations to some flights has now moved away from Cape Verde and there are clear skies and sun today. Flights in and out of Boa Vista and some inter-islands flights were badly affected over the Christmas to New Year period. The sand storms were caused by sand from the Sahara.

Santo Antao Flooding

Repairs to rain damage in Santo Antão

The Cape Verde government has identified that €750m is needed to repair the damage caused to roads, water supplies, power supplies, houses and farms on Santo Antão. The island suffered from unusually heavy rains between 12 and 20 September, resulting in major damage to infrastructure including washing away whole sections of roads.