Beach at Stella Maris, Maio

Beach at Stella Maris, Maio

This picture is of the small beach next to Stella Maris. It is reached from the swimming pool in Stella Maris on the island of Maio in Cape Verde.

Rugged coastline of Brava, Cape Verde

Rugged coastline of the island of Brava

The eastern islands of Cape Verde are relatively flat with long stretches of beautiful soft sandy beaches. The western islands, however, are more mountainous and with a more rugged coastline. So whatever your preference, there is something for you in Cape Verde. This picture was taken on the island of Brava, which is sometimes known as the Garden Island. There is often cloud over the mountain, which means there is a little more rain here than on some of the other islands. Consequently, plants grow well and the gardens are attractive.

Christmas scene Santa Maria Sal

Christmas Cape Verdean style

Christmas is almost here. One way it is celebrated in Santa Maria on the island of Sal is with this scene in the town square. Mary, Joseph and the baby in lights. All around the town there are illuminated stars and a feeling that Christmas is coming.

São Vicente's green hills

Hills in São Vicente

São Vicente is one of the most westerly of the Cape Verde islands. Not only does it possess lovely beaches, but there are also green hills in São Vicente. The capital of the island is Mindelo, which is a mecca for artists, musicians and poets. The island also holds several festivals throughout the year, including the famous Baía das Gatas (Bay of Cats) Music Festival and one of the few African Gay Pride celebrations. This island has something for everyone and the harbour in Mindelo makes a great place for yachting.

Tall ship in Santa Maria, Sal

Tall ship moored off Santa Maria, Sal

This beautiful boat has been moored here for a few days. It adds interest to the lovely beach in Santa Maria on the island of Sal, Cape Verde.

Mountain ranges of Santiago, Cape Verde

Mountain ranges of Santiago, Cape Verde

Many people who visit Cape Verde stay on the islands of Sal or Boa Vista. From this, many people have the impression that Cape Verde is only flat and covered in sand – desert islands in other words. However, many of the island have majestic mountain ranges. Exploring further afield to islands such as Santiago, Santo Antão, São Nicolau and Brava will prove that there is far more to this small country than sand! This picture was taken on the island of Santiago.

Sunset over Brava from Fogo

Sunset over Brava island

This picture was taken on the island of Fogo, and shows the sunset over Brava, the neighbouring island. Both Fogo and Brava are well worth a visit. On Fogo, there is the fascinating caldera, which has a landscape that could be on some remote planet. Brava has a lovely coastline especially at Faja d’Agua. It is easy to travel between the two islands using the regular ferry service. Fogo is a 30 minute flight from Praia, the capital of Cape Verde.

Bitxe Rotxa beach Maio, Cape Verde

Beaches on Maio in Cape Verde

The beaches on the quiet, often overlooked island of Maio in Cape Verde are lovely and often almost deserted. This picture is of the main beach in the lovely little town of Vila do Maio (also known as Porto Inglês). The beach is known as Bitxe Rotxa and although right in the centre of the town, you will find it peaceful and quiet. On the beach is Bar Tropikal, where you can get a drink and something to eat. Maio is well worth a visit, especially if you want a quiet, holiday away from everything that makes our lives so busy.