main beach maio

Beach Games on the island of Maio

If you are visiting the island of Maio this summer, you may be interested in a programme of beach games being organised by the Câmara Municipal do Maio. During July and August the local authority will be organising a series of activities including football, volleyball and swimming.

The events will commence on 16 July with a beach football tournament. These beach games have become a regular event and are intended to create a series of fun activities for the young people of Maio. It will give them something to do during the summer and at the same time help the young people develop.

The activities will take place on the main beach (Bitxe Rotxa) in Vila do Maio.

mindelo carnival

Carnival time!

We are now in the carnival season. Cape Verdeans know how to celebrate and there is fun to be had. In Mindelo on São Vicente the main Carnival celebration will be on the 13th of February, but the festivities will have commenced last night (Friday). It is worth visiting and joining in the party. Celebrations also take place on other islands in Cape Verde.

Guinness world record

Guinness World Record achievement

Cape Verde chefs recently achieved a Guinness World Record by preparing a large pot of Cachupa. Cachupa is the traditional Cape Verde stew.

The Prime Minister of Cape Verde, Ulisses Correia e Silva was present at the Badja ku Sol festival when the group of chefs made the 14,021 lb (6360kg) pot of stew. The event took place in Praia. The Prime Minister hoped that it would help to promote Cape Verdean food.

In order to make this vast quantity, the chefs used 600kg of corn, 100kg of chicken and 300kg of pork, together with beans and vegetables. The finished product was sampled by more than 30,000 people, each having a small bowl.

Adjudicators were on hand to confirm that the record had been broken.





baia das gatas festival

Forthcoming Festivals in Cape Verde

There are some festivals coming up during August and September. These include the Festival de Música de Calheta, 12 – 13 August in Calheta, Santiago; City festival (sport and culture), 21 August to 8 September in Vila do Maio, Maio; the famous Baia das Gatas Festival of Music, 11 – 13 August in Baía das Gatas, São Vicente and The Sal Music festival in September in Santa Maria. Enjoy the music that is such an important part of Cape Verdean life.

groupa fish

An evening of fish and poetry on Maio!

On 26 August 2017, there will be a night of garouper and poetry in Vila do Maio, on Maio island. This will be the third such event and combines the enjoyment of garoupa cooked in a variety of ways, combined with some enjoyment of the arts. Garouper is a variety of fish caught around the Cape Verde islands, but sometimes referred to as grouper or garoupa.

gay pride mindelo

Mindelo Gay Pride – 2017

The annual Cape Verde Gay Pride events will take place this year between 12 and 17 June. Once again the celebrations will be held in Mindelo on the island of São Vicente. This is one of very few Gay Pride events in Africa and was first held in 2013 and deserves support.

gamboa music festival

Gamboa Festival 2017

The annual Gamboa Festival will take place in the San Francisco Bay, near Praia on the island of Santiago on 17, 18 and 19 May. This is the largest music festival in Cape Verde. Musicians and DJ’s from other countries and from within Cape Verde participate and includes different styles and types of music. there is plenty of party atmosphere, with dancing and singing.




campo da morte lente

Concentration Camp Exhibition – Santiago

The former Tarrafal Concentration Camp (Campo da Morte Lenta) at Chão Bom on the island of Santiago is hosting an exhibition ‘Um Lampejo de Liberdade’ (‘A Glimmer of Freedom’). This exhibition continues until 8 May 2017. The event is a joint collaborative project including the Ministry of Culture and Creative Industries and the Institute of Cultural Heritage. The exhibition includes works by Patti Anahory, Nelson Santos, César Schofield Cardoso and Miguel Leal amongst others. The concentration camp was built in 1936 by the Portuguese Government.





victor duarte

Rapper Concerts

Victor Duarte the rapper born in Cape Verde started a tour of the archipelago on Sunday 9 April. Today he will be performing in Sal and then tomorrow he will give a concert in São Nicolau and then in Santo Antão on Saturday 15 April.

Victor began a career in music after finishing studies in Psychology. He has more than 12 records to his name and has performed in other countries including Denmark, Brazil and Portugal.