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African Beach Games will be in Sal in 2019

On Thursday of last week (14 June 2018) the one-year countdown for the African Beach Games commenced. These games will take place on the island of Sal, Cape Verde from 14 – 23 June 2019.
This small African country will host the first ever African Beach Games following a bid by the Cape Verdean Olympic Committee. The Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa (ACNOA), chose Cape Verde because of the advantages the islands offer, particularly in respect of beach and water sports.

The African Beach Games

Cape Verde is honoured to be invited to hold the inaugural African Beach Games. The games will involve participants from 54 African countries, and will involve 11 different sports. Up to 1000 athletes will descend on the island of Sal for this major sporting event.
The sports involved are as follows:
  • Athletics
  • Basketball 3×3
  • Beach Handball
  • Coastal Rowing
  • Beach Football
  • Freestyle football
  • Beach tennis
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Karate Kata
  • Kite surfing
  • Open water swimming
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For these inaugural games, the organisers have adopted the Creole word ‘Kretxeu’ which means loved-one. Kretxeu is a yellow loggerhead turtle wearing blue shorts. Cape Verde is famous for its turtles that nest in the sands on the islands.
african beach games mascot

Where is Cape Verde?

Cape Verde (now more correctly known as Cabo Verde) is approximately 500km west from the coast of Senegal and comprises 10 islands, 9 of which are inhabited. The islands were discovered in the 15th Century and for many years were a Portuguese colony; however Cabo Verde has been an independent country since 1974. The country offers sun all year round, friendly locals and wonderful beaches.
The Government of Cape Verde is backing the venture with some financial assistance and by being present and supporting and encouraging the proposals. The Prime Minister of Cape Verde, José Ulisses de Pina Correia e Silva was present at the launch.

Why Sal?

Sal is one of the eastern islands of the archipelago and is also the most developed in terms of tourism. The azure blue Atlantic ocean laps the white sandy beaches that stretch for miles.
Sal is Portuguese for salt and is so named because of the salt industry that was once a major employer. Fishing and tourism are now significant contributors to the economy of this island following the decline of the salt trade. The main centre of tourism is on the south end of the island in the town of Santa Maria. Santa Maria offers a variety of accommodation from self-catering apartments and villas through to large all-inclusive resort hotThe island of Sal is a mecca for kite surfing, windsurfing, surfing and diving, and has become a significant tourist destination over the past few years. Sal provides an ideal location for these games.
digital TV

Digital TV expansion in Cape Verde

Digital terrestrial television is to be expanded in Cape Verde. The change from analogue to digital was completed in 2017 for the islands of Santiago, Maio, Sal and São Vicente. The new investment of €14.5m will complete the Digital TV service for the islands of Santo Antão, Fogo, Boa Vista and São Nicolau and by the end of 2018 Brava will also be included. The news was given recently by the Minister of Culture and Creative Industries, Abraham Vincente.

baia das gatas festival

Forthcoming Festivals in Cape Verde

There are some festivals coming up during August and September. These include the Festival de Música de Calheta, 12 – 13 August in Calheta, Santiago; City festival (sport and culture), 21 August to 8 September in Vila do Maio, Maio; the famous Baia das Gatas Festival of Music, 11 – 13 August in Baía das Gatas, São Vicente and The Sal Music festival in September in Santa Maria. Enjoy the music that is such an important part of Cape Verdean life.

cape verdean art exhibition in luxembourg

Cape Verdean art exhibition in Luxembourg

An exhibition of paintings is being held in Luxembourg to celebrate the 42 years of Cape Verde’s independence. The exhibition, which takes place in the Abbey of Neimënster (Neumünster) features the work of four artists from Cape Verde – Severo Delgado, Maria Gomes, Nelson Neves and Arlindo Tomás. The exhibition opened yesterday and runs until 30 July and is open from 11am until 6pm, with entry being free. The exhibition reflects the joy and memory of Cape Verdeans and the humanity of the people of the peaceful archipelago.

carnival mindelo 2017

Carnival Time in Cape Verde


In common with many countries, this week has seen carnival take place; in the UK we only eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday! In other countries is it party time. The largest celebration in Cape Verde is in Mindelo on the island of São Vicente. However, others take place around the islands including Sal, where there are celebrations in both Espargos and Santa Maria. At the weekend a procession started in Santa Maria at about 1am on Sunday with crowds of dancing people following a mobile disco. This processions ended up at Club 1 with a party that went on into the early hours.

cape verdean creole dictionary

Cape Verdean Creole Dictionary

Some months ago we were pleased to learn that a Cape Verdean Creole-English Dictionary had been compiled by Manuel Da Luz Goncalves. There have been book launches in several American Cities and support from countries in Europe. It looks very well produced and will be useful for people who visit Cape Verde regularly or who live there. It is available from In the Autumn of 2017, the companion English-Cape Verdean Creole Dictionary is expected to be published.

Casino in Sal

First casino in Cape Verde

The new Casino Royal on Sal Island is due to open in November. This will be the first casino in Cape Verde and will provide significant employment for local people, with 100 new employment opportunities; the creation of this first casino has required local people to be trained as croupiers. The casino, part of the new Hilton Hotel in Santa Maria, will contain over 100 gaming machines and 11 gaming tables.