• Surfing Sal island

    Sal Cape Verde
  • Natural pools Brava

    Cape Verde Brava Natural Pools
  • São Pedro beach São Vicente

    Cape Verde Sao Vicente Sao Pedro Beach
  • Kite Surfing Sal island

    Cape Verde Sal Kite Beach
  • Mountains of Santo Antão

    Santo Antao Cape Verde
  • Maio island Bitxe Rotxa beach

    Cape Verde Maio Island Main Beach
  • Fogo Island Sunset

    Cape Verde Fogo Island Sunset
  • Sand Dunes of Boa Vista

  • Gardens of Brava

    Cape Verde Brava Island Gardens
  • Tarrafal beach Santiago

    Cape Verde Santiago Tarrafal
  • Ancient rocks Maio Island

Explore Cape Verde

Cape Verde – The African Caribbean

Cape Verde, sometimes known as the African Caribbean, is a group of 10 islands (9 inhabited) found in the Atlantic. It is situated approximately 600km west of Senegal and south of the Canaries. It is still widely known as Cape Verde, however the official name is the Portuguese version – Cabo Verde. This country has remained relatively below the radar until recently however, the islands have a lot to offer visitors. Flights to Cape Verde are under 7 hours from the UK and much of Europe and yet they are still untouched by the masses. There is a lot to do – turtle watching, whale watching, surfing, kite surfing, swimming, diving, dancing, hiking and entertainment with a taste of Africa. Each island offers something different above all beautiful beaches, lush forests, mountains and deserts all in a tropical climate. The people are friendly and speak Portuguese and Creole. Music, dancing and the arts are important to Cape Verdeans.

This website is intended to give you an introduction to, and a flavour of this beautiful country. We hope that you find it of interest and useful in determining your next holiday destination. There is a range of accommodation from self-catering apartments to large all-inclusive hotels. There is something for everyone – all ages and all interests. We love Cape Verde and we are sure that you will also. Please explore this site and we hope that we will be able to welcome you to this fascinating country soon.


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Photo of the week

Windsurfer in Santa Maria, Sal
Bitxa Rotxa beach
Sunset at Furna on Brava Island
Bougainvillea on Fogo Cape Verde
Tropical Resort on Sal island, Cape Verde
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